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Calligraphy to stop Parkinson’s disease

Nowadays, we value the art of calligraphy thanks to a generation that lived without technology and was used to handwriting. Some of these people who took such good care of letters are today the same people that suffer from Parkinson’s.

And so, we had an idea: If they had contributed so much to calligraphy, today, calligraphy could pay back their effort. That’s the reason why we decided to organize a calligraphy workshop for people suffering from Parkinson’s, so they could recover old sensations and tell us all that the disease won’t allow them to express.

From that starting point, along with Montblanc, Fundación Atlético de Madrid and the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid, we are creating a calligraphy therapy that might help these people stop the progression of the disease.

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