Hand lettering is one of our main activities. Each letter we draw is an exclusive work for each of our clients.


In recent years, there is a great saturation of typographies and very similar lettering designs. Therefore, we burst upon the market anxious to be doing something different. Our goal is to know what our clients need, and using that information, we will draw an exclusive lettering design.

The most important thing to practice lettering is to be looking forward to creating and enjoying. We prefer to develop the creative side before the technical one.

For that, all the activities and products which we market, have a clear objetive: to get people enjoy drawing letters.

Since we created this project, we have looked for the most creative way of working. For that reason, we are searching the most original way doing that.

Dot-to-dot books, board games, new activities… The versatility and dynamism that lettering offers, are perfect to offer different content than usual. We don´t want to teach you in a mechanical and a homogeneous way, we only want you to live lettering as we do.

In the search of that differentiation, was the starting of projects like “Calligraphy to curb Parkinson´s” or “Catch up with photographers”. From this point on, we have suggested new formats to make it look lettering form another point of view.

Join our courses and check out our online shop in which you will find products that unite lettering with other activities as tourism.

Lettering and communication have a lot of in common. In fact, one of the first things a company must do is create a brand image. Normally, in this part of the creation, we decide what typography the company will use to connect with the audience. From this point, messages will be the link between your company value and your audience.

For that reason, we have to create the best lettering design that each company needs. If your company has a young audience, lettering design should be more casual. If on the contrary, the audience is older, we will opt for an elegant lettering style.

The creation of the typography appears in the corporate identity work and expands to each company communication: events, prints, TV spots, youtube videos…

So far, we have developed corporate identity works for companies as:

  • Milk & Wild
  • Winemucca
  • Parksafer…

About advertising campaigns we have worked for:

  • WWF
  • Swatch
  • Joma
  • Ebay…

Each day we continue to innovate in the way of representing lettering and working to get you can to keep in touch with your audience in a different and creative way.

Lettering to surprise


This work we did for Swatch, is an example of how lettering could be dynamic. During the festival “Swatch Native Creative” in Madrid, we did a versatility exercise in our lettering designs decoring each and every single shopping bags in which they delivered the watches that people bought.

Each bag was decorated with a different design, style and colors. Also, all of them was made by different art techniques as sprays, markers, brush, etc…  It was a fabulous example of our way of working at Vasito.